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How To Dose Marijuana Edibles?

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Cannabis edibles have long been a part of the marijuana community. Some consume it in the form of gummies while others simply infuse it inside a brownie. Whatever the form of edible, those who are familiar with it know that dosing edibles are quite different from smoking, vaping, and sublingual. Even the most experienced users are unsure about the edibles dosing guides. In fact, some people are of the view that there is no universal dosage. It’s all about experience and not going over the board. However, these guidelines can only help those who have been consuming cannabis for a longer period. For newcomers, dosing on cannabis is as dangerous as walking into a lions cage.

This does not mean that dosing cannabis edibles is a part of a big mystery. Ideally, dosing consists of several nuances. From concentration levels to body weight, biochemistry, and the type of edible. Yes, you heard it right – types of edibles. You see, there are two categories of edibles. The first category includes gums, lollipops, and sublingual. The second category consists of gummies, bars, chocolates, brownies, and other food items infused with marijuana. Figuring out which edible you will consume is very easy. The problem arises only when you have to finalize a universal dose? Through this post, we will help you learn exactly what makes cannabis edibles unique, what is the right dose, and what to expect from a cannabis edible high.

Understanding Marijuana Edibles

First things first, you need to understand that cannabis edibles are different from other forms of cannabis products. And when I say different I do not mean that they look different or they taste different. These are very basic things, right? The difference is that of the consumption method. If you think carefully, you will notice that we eat, chew, and gulp cannabis edibles. We do not smoke or vape or keep them under our tongue. This states that cannabis edibles go through the process of digestion just like any other form of food you eat.

Interestingly, during the process of digestion, edibles are metabolized in the liver. This results in the formation of a higher form of THC. The metabolized form of THC is more powerful and stays inside the body for an extended interval of time. So, upon eating an edible you will not feel high until the process of digestion is over and that can take up to 2-3 hours. On top of that, the high can last up to 8 or 12 hours.

Dosing On Cannabis Edibles

You can easily go overboard with cannabis edibles. In particular, when you are unaware of the fact that cannabis edibles take a considerable amount of time to show the effects. When I first tried cannabis edibles, it took around four hours for me to feel the effects. It can be 3 hours in your case and two in others. The time duration varies from person to person. So, when you try cannabis edibles for the first time you have to be patient and more importantly, you have to go slow. That said, let us take a look at the dosing chart.

The Go-Slow Dosing Chart

The dose ideally ranges between 1 to 2.5 mg of THC. This range is perfect for newcomers because the effects are mild and it can help provide relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and even inflammation. It can also help increase focus and attention span while you work on vital projects.

The Standard Dose

Recreational users and patients who suffer from sleep disorders can consume the standard dose (2.5mg-15mg). This is a standard dose with stronger effects. While it may not work in case of severely debilitating conditions, patients with persistent symptoms can consume the dose under medical supervision. Not only this but if you start with the standard 2.5mg dose it can work wonders for you. More vitality, it can help you build a THC tolerance level while ensuring health satisfaction.

Dose For Experienced Users

Experienced consumers with a good THC tolerance level can consume doses ranging from 15mg to 30mg. The expected effects of these doses include slightly altered euphoria, impaired coordination, and lack of focus. Those who are less tolerant of high THC dosage stick to the standard or beginners dose because it can produce side effects such as nausea and paranoia.

Very High THC Dose

Consumers who are tolerant of doses as high as 30mg or 50mg and those who have absorption issues can think about increasing their dose levels to 50mg. However, we advise that you know your body well before taking these doses on a regular basis. As far as people with fewer absorption rates are concerned, they will take higher doses in order to achieve the desired effects. Of course, under the supervision and complete awareness of how their body works to very high THC doses. Since their body does not absorb all the cannabinoids, the dose is best suited for such consumers. Also, besides strong euphoria, the dose will make you slightly impaired and decrease your ability to focus.

Dose for Specific Medical Conditions

A dose-ranging between 50mg to 100mg is adept for either patients with certain medical conditions or people with very high tolerance levels. We recommend that you do not take this dose unless deemed necessary. The side effects include increased altered perception with rapid heart rate, nausea, pain, and highly impaired coordination.

Medical marijuana patients with a state MMJ card can avail of such doses. Provided the doctors approves and provides recommendations for the same. For instance, a medical marijuana card in Oxnard to treat certain inflammatory disorders, cancer, or other severely debilitating conditions. With this range, the risk of experiencing negative side effects is very high. The side effects can lead to nausea, vomiting, pain, paranoia, and increased heart rate. So, make sure that you are wary of the dose and consume it under severe medical circumstances.

Final Thoughts

This is the complete guide on dosing marijuana edibles. We hope that you ensure complete safety while eating cannabis edibles. For instance, make sure you start small, surround yourself with experienced and trustworthy people, choose a comfortable place. For those who consume edibles for medical purposes ensure that you talk to your doctor prior to eating a THC-infused edible.


– James Evans

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