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A Short Guide On How To Find Your Favorite New Portable Wax Vaporizer

By April 14, 2021No Comments

Dab pens and vaporizers are the latest crazes on the marijuana scene. A lot of manufacturers and a lot of options to enjoy dry herb and the way can get a tad bit confusing for old and new users. So we decided to compile a small guide on what you need to look for in your new portable wax vaporizer and what are things you should be on the lookout for. 

This has become one of the most popular ways for consumers as they are portable, easy to use, and require just a little bit of clean-up. The market is a tad bit even oversaturated with different products but you can truly find something for any pocket and budget. A whole new world of devices has emerged that uses a high temperature to vaporize and create a nice smooth smoke. Earlier methods required bigger tools and devices, including metal elements on which you will heat up your material with an open flame torch. This also requires that you have a wax rig that will collect the smoke. Now that all is more simplified and easy to use. 

Let’s go through the basics elements of a wax pen and what parts does this device entails. These are especially good for newcomers to the game and for people who want to try as a hobby. One can go all out and get home kits that are bulkier, better and produce a nicer smoke, but let’s start with the basics. For newbies, it is definitely recommended to go with a small dab pen that will give them control of the temperature and that is easy to use and charge. 

The elements of a dab pen are comprised from: 

  1. Atomizer
  2. The Battery
  3. Mouthpieces

Be aware that there are multiple types of atomizers, including ceramic or quartz. What else do we want to highlight here are ceramic pads and silica wicks. But more on the tad bit later. 

The mentioned atomizer is the heating element and the main part of your dab pen. This will heat up the material and create soothing smoke for you to smoke. These come in different sizes and with different technology, as we told you already. Still, there is an industry standard that is being followed so don’t think that there is too much of a difference with dab wax pens if you get a newer model. Know that these will burn out in time and that’s when you can get a different and not-so-good smoke.

More modern wax pens will use something like ceramic pods where you don’t have the heating elements exposed. This is probably the best option as the pod will guarantee an even temperature on it and this could deliver a nicer, smoother hit. 

The usual type you will get is a ceramic rod that has small titanium coils around it. These are good, will deliver a nice hit, but honestly, they can be a tad bit hard to clean after you smoke the wax. So be wary of that. 

The Silica option is probably the worst and the tech is a bit old-fashioned at this point. The wax melts and goes directly with the heating element in connection. This will deliver a more dirty smoke and we can’t recommend these if you can get a ceramic pad.

Last but not least, the quartz rod atomizer is essentially glass and this will deliver a more potent flavor. These are sadly more breakable and you need to be super careful with them when you are cleaning them.

All in all, a ceramic pad is a way to go honestly. 

Continuing, the battery is the powerhouse of your little wax pen. Some pens are more advanced than others and will give you the option to control the output and the heat. You usually want this as you don’t want to burn your material tar black. Lower temps are better and will deliver a smoother and cleaner hit. Temperature can get finicky, and different devices have different control schemes and temperatures. We recommend reading guides and checking out Youtube for more help before going blindly into the purchase. 

And for last, the mouthpiece. This is the part from where you will draw the smoke. These come in various sizes and shapes and some devices even offer different parts for their device. There are differences in this too, and try to get a device with a good mouthpiece to achieve that perfect hit. Get something that is bigger and easier to clean as things will accumulate especially during wax vaporization. 

With this knowledge, you are all set up for your first wax pen purchase. Like many devices in this industry, money does talk, but in our experience, even on a budget, you can get a great small device that will take you to many colorful places. 

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